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The above picture illustrates a present day photograph and a late 19th century sketch of Crook Peak from a similar spot on Loxton Hill. The spot chosen by the artist Edward T.Compton of Winscombe is now heavily wooded, so the photograph was taken a little higher on the hill, the woods can clearly be seen in the foreground.

This section contains many additional photographs of the people associated with Loxton and a few photographs of school pupils, places, buildings etc., in and around Loxton taken over the years. The photographs are displayed as a series of thumbnails with any relevant notes attached, five at a time, from photographic albums. The opportunity to view a larger photograph is achieved by clicking on the thumbnail. The (ca. 1800) sketch map with attached text is relevant to some of the identities referred to in the photograph notes.

The section relies on the help of both local people and people with past connections to the village, by lending us their old photographs to scan, prior to posting them on the site. Particular thanks go to Betty Baker, Frank Richardson, Judy Body, Myra Lucas and Tom Burnell Jones. Their generosity in lending us many of the photographs and providing us with snippets of information from earlier times including childhood memories is very much appreciated. The information attached to many of the photographs is absent or a little vague and we would be very grateful for any help with further knowledge, comments, identities, dates etc.

To view the photos it is essential that Javascipt and Active Content are enabled in the browser. It will not be possible to view the albums if visitors are using out of date older versions of their chosen browser. For visitors with incompatible browsers, we may make the photographs available via customary web page format at a later date.

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